About us
Water Resources North is a group designed to oversee water resources planning for Yorkshire and the North East of England. 

Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire Water, and Hartlepool Water make up WReN's core companies, but as a group, we'll involve any and all who have an interest in water resources in our region.

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Over the next few years, we'll be working with:

  • customers
  • water-dependent industries like agriculture and energy, and
  • other stakeholders, such as:
    • environmental groups and
    • regulators,

to shape a long-term plan for managing water resources in the region.

What do we need to do?

We've got a big challenge ahead of us to meet the

National Framework for water resource planning.


Find out more about the National Framework and

how we plan to meet it.


We, along with every other Water Resource regional group,

must look to:

  • increase drought resilience
  • improve sustainability for the environment
  • reduce long-term water usage and leakage
  • cut down on drought permits and orders, and
  • increase supplies.

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